Sunday, 16 November 2014

Install And Use Metasploit Framework on Opensuse 13.2

Hi , i'am back for a new tutorial about HOW To install penetration testing tool metasploit on Opensuse 13.2 :)

What you will need is simple

1: Internet connection
2: Metasploit setup
3:Open suse linux :)

First Download the setup of metasploit from the official website

Link :

Step 2 : Put the setup file on your desktop  and Open termina type  :

sudo su
This command is to run terminal as root :

Then type in :

cd Desktop


By doing this you would be on your own desktop path .

Now let goes with installation Phase :

chmod +x

This unzip the file ,  and the Installation command would be :

Then you press enter ... enter .... enter  , y y y (to accept condition and policy :)

Just go for the process 

To run it its simple Open the terminal type in :


Here you go :)


  1. chmod +x doesn't unzip the file, it makes the file executable by modifying the file permissions.

  2. Hi I couldnt help but notice you still had dependency issues in the last snapshot. Did you successfully install metasploit or NOT ????? I really need help on this that is why I am asking. I have to install kali tools on OpenSUSE 12, I need to see if all the tools work especially metasploit, nmap, sslscan etc.